Monday, July 9, 2012

Tinny minny LOFF

very disappointing mood right now nothing much i can say only ma face can tell everything. never felt like this for a long time and tonight it come and it stress me out! i felt like my heart burst out and my lung like burning inside. only cried accompany me. what i've been through totally losing my focus and everything happen for this two month really upsetting me a bit even thought i show a fake smile and no one know that i actually lost down! but i need to get up and move on and now i  get up with new me and everything was new. no love or fairytale story to be told. and to my dear ex M.N.H and N.A i really don't even need u in my life anymore infact i miss you especially M.N.H  your my first love i'll try to forget u and throw u out of my memories! beside u had F.R now well hope u live happily with her and take care of her well. :) even its really hurts me so much!!!!!!! its killing me inside. no more you or your memory in me ! im totally vain in and out! thank you for eveything and thanks for take care of me for this 5 years! bye2 adiosa ma love!

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